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MOTZKY employs professionals adequately experienced, qualified, and licensed, ensuring the services are delivered to the customer satisfaction, no matter if the challenge exist in brown or green field environment.

The Team is committed to build on practical and professional expertise reinforced with relevant scientific approach to maximise the client benefits.

The Team mission is to provide first class customer experience, to work with our customers to deliver to their satisfaction, to create enjoyable working environment; to be clear and transparent just simply - Black & White.

Mark Newman.png
Mark Newman

Mark is our Lead Consultant responsible for Asset Management.

Mark is highly experienced professional. His work includes and is not limited to an involvement in Brisbane City Council projects, rail industry projects with Queensland Rail, Aurizon and ARTC as well as various asset information systems projects. Mark understands in great detail the asset quantities and the need for asset management. He supports our customers in setting up or improving the strategies to extend assets lifecycle. 

He in involved in MOTZKY's internal and external projects. Currently, he is managing the asset data capturing on Cross River Rail project.

Mark is passionate about geographic information system (GIS), digital technology, data capturing, practical software development and implementation.

Andres Morales.png
Andres Morales

Andres is our Consultant - Integration and Electrical Engineering.

He is an electrical engineer with some international projects experience in gathering and analysis of research, electrical estimation and calculations, preparation of operational plans and drafting of general documentation and laboratory guides.

Andres has assessed the dynamic effect of the load on the response of voltage stability indices based on phasor measurement. Andres has obtained international certification in substation design as well as medium and high voltage photovoltaic system design. He holds certificate III in instrumentation and control.

His skills in maths, combined with his in-depth electrical knowledge enables Andres for being an integral part of any electrical team as required.

Andres's positive attitude, electrical background knowledge and high interpersonal skills are supporting our customers when agreeing and delivering a win-win outcome.

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Michael McLoughlan

Michael is our Consultant - Integration and Electrical Engineering.

Michael is a highly experienced electrician and radio telecommunication practitioner.


His experience includes and is not limited to:

  • industrial, commercial, residential electrical installation

  • solar design installation

  • installation and commissioning of a 110kVA Diesel Generator to manage power outages in commercial farming industry

  • comprehensive understanding of the ASNZ3000:2018.


Michael is a positive self-motivated individual with solid values and work ethics, who is passionate about delivering high quality customer service.

His qualifications include:

  • a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (Griffith University)

  • certified solar design installer

  • electrical license

  • radio tradesman.


Michael is a quick and adaptive implementer that gets the job done to a high standard. Safety is priority number one in everything he does.


Michael’s problem-solving techniques and fault diagnostic strategies (developed over 30 years) make the difference when involved in integration, process and asset management challenges.

Waldemar Mocki.png
Waldemar Mocki

Waldemar is our young star. He is a professional swimmer representing a club on the Gold Coast. His biggest dream is to get into Olympics and once there he would like to fight for medals.

At MOTZKY, he is involved in product implementation and marketing. Waldemar has introduced RevisionID (a product to check the document being used is in its latest revision) to MOTZKY’s customers. He is actively using QR2id software that our organisation utilises in asset identification and management.

He was involved in early stages of Cross River Rail project and obtained a Screen and Media Certificate working with the 98.9fm Radio Station.

Waldemar is passionate about digital technology, social media and practical software application.

Jacek Mocki.png
Jacek Mocki

Jacek is a qualified and highly experienced chartered transport engineer. He is a good analytical and strategic thinker and clear in the outcomes he expects from the activities he is undertaking.

With over 20 years of professional and scientific experience in transport and transport systems at all levels (Consulting, Engineering, Product supply, Manufacturing, Construction, Maintenance, Operation, Governance and Software development), Jacek can offer specialised services to ensure the outcome is worth the customer journey. He has an extensive systems knowledge, experience and ability to deliver outstanding results.

He utilises a customer centric approach to all his actions. When he makes a commitment to his customers, he relentlessly follows through until he has delivered. Jacek can quickly analyse a problem or situation and then clearly and concisely articulate the key issues and propose a range of possible solutions. He displays a broad experience in transport issues ranging from works at site to the Board Room. He also knows a lot about his industry and you can tell he is very passionate about it.

Jacek is absolute delight to work with. Very easy going and professional in the true sense of the word.

At MOTZKY, Jacek has developed an innovative delivery methodology - ACS that is successfully utilised in addressing customers’ requirements and in MOTZKY’s projects to achieve predictable outcome. Using the methodology, he has successfully implemented new technologies into the rail and rail customer services.

He leads the Team at MOTZKY.

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