Samantha Hutchinson

Samantha has an extensive experience working with the Government organisations as well as the largest private rail operator in Queensland – Aurizon. At MOTZKY, she is responsible for Analytics and Supporting Systems.

Familiarity with a number of cross functional SAP systems (which include MRP, Materials Management, Project Management, Project Reporting, Project Controls, LMS, CATS, Business Objects & Business Intelligence Reporting and purchasing) reinforced with the practical computer application experience create an unique skillset that significantly distinguishes Samantha as the professional analyst.


She has an outstanding analytical skills so needed for accurate planning and efficient purchasing. Samantha drives results and accountability in a cross functional environment. For the last 15 years, she has been involved in project and supply chain. These assignments have found her consistently reducing costs, increasing quality of materials and services provided through effective management while creating productive and enduring partnerships with external suppliers.


Samantha is motivated and hard working individual with a strong work ethic who thrives on a challenge. She works well in the customer environment as well as remotely in the office. Her ability to use the digital technology is supporting the remote engagements.


She is passionate to learn and experience more all the time and to deliver a practical outcome that satisfies the customer requirements.

Michael Butterley

Michael is leading MOTZKY’s Asset Management activities. For the last 15 years, he has worked on some major infrastructure, mining, oil&gas and renewable energy projects across Australia.


Michael speciality is asset inventory, identification and management. He is familiar with a number of Asset Management Systems built on SAP (e.g. Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS), the system Queensland Rail utilises for their asset management). At MOTZKY, he is contributing to building some practical solutions to improve quality of information on assets so needed later on for efficient Operation and Maintenance of the assets.


He has some supervisory skills confirmed through his practical experience. 

Michael is hard working, motivated and loyal individual with a strong work ethic who thrives on a challenge.


Communication, ability to work in a site environment on the physical assets, understanding of asset inventory and management processes and high safety culture are just some of Michael’s key highlights. He sustainably cooperates with a team and individuals, creating win-win opportunities, maintaining a good team environment. 


Michael is always trying his best to deliver a pragmatic outcome that satisfies the customer requirements.

Waldemar Mocki

Waldemar is our young star. He is a professional swimmer representing the South Port Olympic Swimming club on the Gold Coast. His biggest dream is to get into Olympics and once there he would like to fight for medals.

At MOTZKY, he is involved in product implementation and marketing. Waldemar has introduced RevisionID (a product to check the document being used is in its latest revision) to MOTZKY’s customers. He is actively using QR2id software that our organisation utilises in asset identification and management.

He was involved in early stages of Cross River Rail project and obtained a Screen and Media Certificate working with the 98.9fm Radio Station.
Waldemar is passionate about digital technology, social media and practical software application.

Jacek Mocki

Jacek is a qualified and highly experienced chartered transport engineer. He is a good analytical and strategic thinker and clear in the outcomes he expects from the activities he is undertaking.


With over 20 years of professional and scientific experience in transport and transport systems at all levels (consultancy, design, construction and construction management, equipment supply, asset management, interface management and system integration), Jacek can offer quite unique services. He has quite extensive systems knowledge, experience and ability to develop new, modify existing and remove redundant process (subject to the customer requirements).


He utilises a customer centric approach to all of his actions. When he makes a commitment to his customers, he relentlessly follows through until he has delivered. Jacek can quickly analyse a problem or situation and then clearly and concisely articulate the key issues and propose a range of possible solutions. He displays a broad experience in transport issues ranging from works at site to the Board Room. He also knows a lot about his industry and you can tell he is very passionate about it.


Jacek is absolute delight to work with. Very easy going and professional in the true sense of the word.


At MOTZKY, Jacek has developed an innovative delivery methodology - ACS that is successfully utilised in addressing customers’ requirements and in MOTZKY’s projects to achieve predictable outcome. Using the methodology, he has successfully implemented new  technologies into the rail and rail customer services.


He leads the Team at MOTZKY Pty Ltd.

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