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Analysis of operations

This is one of the categories most needed where the Transport market’s economy influences cost reductions.


We analyse operations (it could be a business process, operation process or its lack that we analyse, generally speaking analyse the problem), select options, model most feasible solutions, conclude with the best possible scenario and summarise the approach for and with our customers.

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Asset optimisation

Transport system elements are vital group of assets. They can be divided into few groups: vehicles (actually transporting passengers or goods), mission critical (often assuring the Transportation process is conducted safely), non-mission critical (supporting Transportation process or other assets), managerial (enhancing management in Transportation process).


We look into those assets in detail finding ways to optimise assets to improve efficiency.

Cost - benefit analysis

Any Transportation solution must be cost-effective these days, otherwise it may not receive investment approval. The challenge is to define and analyse options, so that later on the solution is delivered with expected outcome.


We take very comprehensive approaches to preparing cost-benefit analysis and then apply our methodologies to optimise the final solution.

Implementation plan

Introducing and applying new technology into Transport can be costly, especially if the team is not quite competent in this area. We observe project team can be fantastic in delivering existing technology application. Maintenance team can be greatly supporting the technology already in operation. However, those teams may experience significant difficulties when it comes to new technology introduction.


Our team has ability to support the process of new technology introduction and implementation. Our customers already benefit from this new technology we helped them to introduce.

We reduce the risks of incorrect introduction and application of new technologies in Transport.

Internal resources activation

Nowadays, we often hear some discussion on productivity improvement or conversations on people being "burned". Transport sector is no different. How to activate the internal resources? Another restructure? Not necessarily, the customers ask us to find the cause of the problem and activate the resources.


We do it through resources education and application of MOTZKY methodologies in optimisation space.

Inventory management

These days companies are using all kind of digital inventory management systems. In our practice, we find the use of those systems is not optimal due to a number of reasons, e.g. poor data quality, silo between departments or a lack of updates (both software and data).


We offer a number of solutions to enhance the inventory management to open up areas like: planning spare parts purchase for next year, create meaningful reporting for management, improve communication between departments, create list of suppliers’ part numbers, develop asset registers and enhance asset management.

Process analysis

All companies in the Transport sector have a number of processes established to be able to function consistently. Those processes may not be efficient and require some optimisation to increase productivity or reduce cost.


We offer efficient methods to model existing processes and analyse various scenarios of their improvements. We use our ACS (Analyse Conclude and Summarise) methodology to deliver our customers with an optimal outcome.

Process improvement

Some customers already analysed their processes, they know the processes are not efficient and optimal.


We are often asked to provide some ideas, solutions, options for improvement. We support our clients in implementation of process improvement.

Refurbishment strategy

Specialised equipment in Transport is costly. Transport investment is made for a long time. The challenge is to operate and maintain the equipment, so that is long lasting. Issues that our customers face are: the parts not available to support the equipment, obsolescence, equipment last longer than expected but is no longer manufactured, replacement equipment is available but the operational budget is too tight to cover the cost of purchasing new gear, etc.

One of the strategies that we successfully applied is to refurbish equipment.

We support customers to make decisions on how to do it efficiently, prepare schedules, reduce potential disruption, manage the refurbishment process and prepare the hand back information.

System analysis

Transport is a system built from a number of systems and sub-systems working closely in symbiosis. The challenge exists to understand what is actually required to efficiently conduct Transportation process and how the business, operational and technical requirements should be then translated into Transport system.


Our specialists utilise substantial knowledge in decomposing Transport systems, defining it's elements and analysing the requirements.

If need be we define system architecture. Another challenge in this space exists when Transportation system requires modifications. We assist in analysing such modifications and provide recommendations on the way forward.

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