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Breeding ground of ideas

Transport, Transport Infrastructure and Transportation processes, tasks, delivery options, strategies, implementations, products and technologies could be difficult to understand, to organise and to plan for. 


We always have a number of ideas and we create more when understanding customer's expectations.


Our experienced personnel will explore options with you to innovate predictably, so that your solution is more sustainable.

Building customer service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of a well functioning organisation. When properly arranged, it can support all departments in your organisation. For example: it is good to know that your customer has a problem with your equipment or service before your customer does not want to deal with you anymore.


Simple 24 hour auto-customer service provides bidirectional communication with the customer to mitigate against the risk of losing contact with your customer.


We have the knowledge and experience to organise, to maintain and to improve customer service for any Transport related organisation.
We also cost effectively explore new areas of customer service, so that pleasing clients experience can support building business sustainability.

Business development

Transport has a number of opportunities to explore new business, however, detailed knowledge about the Transport, Transport Infrastructure and Transportation process is needed to build a win-win business.


Our specialists apply their best knowledge in setting up strategies, activating customer internal resources and exploring new opportunities to develop business for a customer. We cooperate with the organisations acting locally as their representation.

Cost reduction

Nowadays, Transport becomes extremely competitive. Significant budgets in Transport businesses are allocated to innovation for cost reduction. No matter how big or small the business is, understanding and reducing the cost is a challenge.


Our specialists analyse processes, identify opportunities, apply strategies and implement our unique methodology to make the service attractive for the customer. Invest some money to save even more improving their competitive position.

Meaningful information

Have you heard the statement “data is the new oil”? What would that mean? Why would we need data? Transportation process is cost driven, to be able to compete on the market more information about the process is required. The more complex Transportation process is, the more data is collected and more knowledge has to be applied to understand the process.


What if the data was incorrectly structured/formatted or simply wrong data would be collected? Or what would happen if the data was unable to analyse? The meaningful information is just not there.


Our services in this space relate to customer's Transport, Transport Infrastructure and Transportation process. We analyse data structure, we conclude and summarise findings. We also help implementing the findings, so that the customer's business receives meaningful information to support critical decisions.

Option analysis

Complexity of Transport processes and investment requires options’ setting, analysing and feasibly selecting. Professional option analysis demands significant knowledge, experience and business acumen.


At MOTZKY, we set and analyse options for customers in Transport, Transport Infrastructure and Transportation process using cost effective techniques and methods. 

Product implementation

Product implementation is one of key topics when it comes down to practical product reliability, fault frequency related to the product and its implementation but also it has the enormous influence into a lifecycle of product.

We offer a number of services in this space to assure the product is delivered properly. It can be a product that the customer already has and need support with or it could be that customer needs a product that we already distribute. We take it from a start, specifying the customer requirements, to the end of documentation handover.

Strategy for predictable delivery

Transport project is a substantial investment. Processes associated with delivering Transport projects grow these days to an unpredictable extent.

How to keep the delivery predictable?


It seems to be difficult, however, our specialists have ability to establish and implement strategies for predictable delivery. The project then becomes transparent with the right performance measures for the accountabilities to make the investment more predictable.

System improvement

Everyone involved in some business recognises the need for a constant improvement. Transport systems are no different. To be able to deliver the expected level of services in Transport and to stay competitive, Transport, Transport Infrastructure and Transportation process systems are monitored and improved wherever needed.

Our services are focused on finding possible improvements, assessing them, making recommendations, scoping the work and estimating the investment. We are also setting up system performance measures and offer periodic monitoring of the investment.

Technology introduction

In our practice, we have introduced and witnessed introduction of many pieces of equipment and many systems.

Our specialists understand Transport sector and have a great visibility of install base. They understand customer requirements for new technologies to address the Transport, Transport Infrastructure and Transportation process needs.

Working with the end users, we have ability to specify their requirements for new technology as well as to establish performance measures to be able to assess the technology and its implementation. Working with the suppliers, we can help to analyse the product, its functions and capabilities. We assess if technology fits particular Transportation task or process. We transparently share our findings with the supplier, so that the supplier and its customer can benefit from the technology.

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