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Customer support

We observe customer support is often used as a marketing tool. One of the strategies suppliers use is to support their product install base with a customer for a period of time in support for a bid of being prepared. This strategy used to work quite well, however, after the project is secured the support is significantly lowered making customer unpleasantly surprised.


We offer organising an efficient customer support not only for a period of time but more importantly long term.


Transition to digital engineering opens up new opportunities and completes a lot of past challenges. Those opportunities, however, drive more challenges. Both past and present engineering challenges are equality important and should be treated with respect, so that engineering solution is realistic from specification to constructability, commissioning and operation.


MOTZKY understands the challenges and offers support in Transport engineering.

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Equipment valuation

Assets in Transport are key especially from accounting perspective. Accurate assets valuation ensures accounting on those assets becomes realistic. It is easier to value the assets on projects and not so easy when the assets are already installed and commissioned on site.


We offer our support in evaluating the assets on projects as well as on site. We also offer an independent valuation of equipment and assets.

Infrastructure investment

Infrastructure investment these days is uniquely complex. There is always uncertainty, risk that the actual Transport project can blow out of budget or some refinement needs to be made straight after a solution has been implemented.


There are ways to mitigate against those risks making project delivery more efficient and accountable. In our practice, we have developed and still developing methodologies to manage projects efficiently through predictable innovation leaving those bits of delivery that worked in the past.

Mechanical modelling and design

Mechanical engineering plays vital role in Transportation systems. That includes and is not limited to definition of the mechanical systems, conceptual work including 3D modelling, detailed system and part design associated with relevant calculations, preparation of system and manufacturing drawings, design reports and risk modelling.


We use technics to ensure the manufacturing/construction is conducted to the approved drawings. We also offer design and on site inspection services with a wide range of options.

Project controls/reporting

Software market offers quite substantial range of tools that can be utilised in project control and reporting of Transport related projects. It is efficient to look into some of those tools when it comes to well defined customer expectations and requirements.

We have quite good understanding of those tools and how the tools should be properly implemented to gain an optimal project control and reporting.

There are two types of projects that do not fit into this standard application: risky small projects and mega projects. We have experience in project control and reporting of such projects.

We have developed some methods and methodologies to provide our customers with efficient solutions for all standard and non-standard Transport projects.

Project delivery strategy

Efficient project delivery is one of the biggest challenges in Transport investment. Not only it is time and effort consuming to deliver Transport project but also it is hard to establish the right strategies at project development level.


Our experience helps customers to become more competitive in this space. We are prepared to run an extra mile to make Transport investment efficient.

Project estimation

A number of methods can be used to estimate Transport project cost. All those methods require highly experienced and motivated resources, with ability to think outside of the box and be able to see the bigger picture.


Our specialists and associates have the ability to efficiently produce project estimation at each level. We have experience in working with multimillion-dollars investments as well as small projects where it is critical to keep the investment preparation cost down.

Project management

Can Transport project management be conducted efficiently? Yes, it can! It requires an effort of a "big picture" (high level, concept strategic thinking) and a "small picture" thinking at the same time.


We efficiently manage our projects and offer project management services based on the same, confirmed methodology, tailored to suit customer requirements.


We keep it simple and consistent.

Scope of work production

Defining the scope of work and clearly communicating the definition with the party conducting the work is one of the biggest challenges in Transport industry. From our experience, scope defined in great, meaningful details leads the project delivery to efficiency and a predictable outcome. Such scope definition helps achieving safety “so far as is reasonably practicable” (SFAIRP).


We produce and detail scope of works for our current and future customers to keep projects successful.

Software testing

In nowadays technology, software plays vital role. Understanding Transport processes ensures the functionality and appearance of computer programme is more likely to be successfully implemented.


In this space, we offer our services to software testing for programme developers as well as offer services to the end user test functionality of the software. We can also map processes or assist in mapping the processes to ensure the functionality is more likely to meet the end of the user expectations.

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