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MOTZKY offers services and products in a very wide area of Transport, Transport Infrastructure and Transportation process. Due to the nature of customer needs, our offerings are organised in three main categories: Innovation, Optimisation and Efficiency.


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Light rail efficiency


Small airports capacity


Brisbane timetable analysis


Airport capacity analysis


Transportation process


Equipment identification

New technology

Predictable innovation to optimise asset usage


Equipment identification and management

Points machine

Refurbishment of points machine

Rail Telecommunication

Rail telecommunication network documentation and modelling

IRSE AGM Meeting

Rail Telecommunications – The Coming of the Digital Age

IRSE Meeting July 2017

Byting Railway Interlocking Requirements

Rail Telecommunication

Essential functions in rail telecommunication network modelling

Rail Transport

Underground railway in salt mining


Public Transport Analysis

Rail Telecommunication

Selected auditing problems of rail telecommunication network model

180418 - IRSE in Melbourne

Optimise asset usage – selected aspects of Rail Customer Service

RISSB AS 7521 - Project Track

Authoring Rail Australian Standard AS 7521 Interior Crashworthiness

Document revision - user checking

New generation integrated digital engineering to embrace document revision identification


Document revision - user checking

CrossRiverRail - UNITY involvement

Cross River Rail - Rail Systems Integration

IRSE October 2021

Digital Acoustic Sensing

IRSE October 2021

Rail Asset Management



We operate in Transport industry. Our background is rail, however, we are passionate about all means of transport with relevant infrastructure.

For our existing and new customers we look into:  improving efficiency when investing in transport infrastructure, optimising asset usage to extend its effectiveness and innovating to reduce the cost of operations.

Our specialists are adequately experienced and qualified. They are prepared to take on brown and green field challenges.

We are committed to build on practical and professional experience reinforced with relevant scientific approach.


Our mission is to connect and to unite, to work with our customers to deliver to their satisfaction, to create enjoyable working environment; to be clear and transparent just simply - Black & White.



Specifying, describing, coordinating, controlling design and physical implementation of interfaces is probably one of the largest challenges when it comes to projects that involve some system and delivery complication.

To face this challenge in rail transport sector, it requires a high level of technical integrity individuals supported by in depth knowledge as well as passion to solve problems. Patience and persistence are also the features needed when managing interfaces. In the digital world, practical skills of software application generates some opportunities to think and act out of a box.

We would like to hear from the individuals who have passion and determination to face such challenges.

Why would I like to join TEAM MOTZKY?

  • we respect individuals and promote equity

  • we promote team work and give flexibility to our team

  • we support individuals and let them developing.

Would you like to join TEAM MOTZKY?

Please send us your CV and a cover letter that address your approach to managing system interfaces.




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